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Virtual Leagues of Hockey
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The Virtual League of Hockey

A strategy game that’s pure hockey, the VLH challenges you to create your own team and measure yourself against other GMs in a 30-team league. Each season lasts two weeks, and every Monday is a special day. The first Monday marks the start of the regular season, where you go all out to qualify your team for the playoffs by picking strategies, improving your lines and optimizing your equipment. The following Monday, the top teams compete in the playoffs for the League Cup, while everyone gets their lineup ready for the coming season.

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Studio Qi was created to develop social sports games. Our products are a blend of social network and online game, where you can join with your friends in an exciting strategic challenge. Our games are designed to engage you on a daily basis - without consuming all your free time. Our motto: “A challenge for my real life.”

A spin-off from digital pioneer Phéromone Design + Technologies, Studio Qi is a brand-new company with a deeply experienced team. The Phéromone heritage, rich in creation of social networks and complex projects of scale, makes us a new kind of game studio. This is a team that really knows and loves sports.

We have ambitious plans to capture the emerging multi-billion-dollar market for social sports games. From our base in Montréal, a world-renowned centre for creativity and for gaming, we are targeting a truly international market.


Experienced and creative, we combine skills in design, technology, analytics and business development.

Louis Asselin

Web Developer

A true Web craftsman, Louis is a multitalented and accomplished developer who loves new challenges. Logical and persistent, he always knows how to solve the problem. At Phéromone from 2007 until 2014, he has mastered a number of programming languages and has more than 25 years of professional experience.

Pierre-Paul Lefebvre

Chief Technology Officer

Pierre-Paul has mastered multiple programming languages. An open source expert, he regularly contributes to the open source, and sits on the board of Drupal Montréal. For a number of years, Pierre-Paul has worked to improve the deployment process for large-scale projects by testing and contributing to various tools, including Ansible, Puppet and Chef. In addition, he excels at database system administration, as well as being certified in accessibility. He previously worked for Phéromone, QuiboWeb and TP1.

Amirouche Nourredine

Web Developer

Amirouche is an accomplished developer and database manager. Trained at the Université de Constantine in Algeria, he has near 15 years of experience. He loves getting involved in all the stages of a project and has a strong team spirit. At Phéromone from 2008 to 2014, he is expert at a number of programming and database languages, as well as the agile methodology. He previously worked as a programmer-analyst for Groupe Pratique and Double V3.

Yves Lapierre

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Yves Lapierre is a bold and passionate entrepreneur who co-founded Phéromone (ex-VDL2) in 1994 and quickly built it into one of Quebec’s leading interactive agencies. In 2014, he launched Studio Qi, a spin-off of Phéromone dedicated to the development of social sports games. Yves’ greatest strength is his ability to make things happen while simultaneously ensuring a stable and healthy business. Educated as an attorney in international commerce, finance and creativity management, he has comfortably worn all of these hats at the company. Yves has also been practicing martial arts for as long as he has been running companies—making him not only an inspiring visionary, but also a black belt in Kung Fu.

Alexandre Lequin-Doré


Games fan, blogger and commentator, Alex makes the connection between design and technology teams and the general public. Always creative, with a determination to make things happen, Alex has a B.A. in communications and is completing a minor in video games. He appears as a commentator on technology and video gaming, both on radio and as a regular for the television broadcast M.Net on the MusiquePlus channel.

Arnaud Blaszkowski

Web Developer

A true Web craftsman and something of a magician, after 10 years of experience, Arnaud Blaszkowski can figure out how to do just about anything, and do it well. A master Flash developer, Arnaud now applies those talents to JavaScript and HTML5, and he loves to create animated prototypes and to experiment with multi-platform technologies. A leader of our R&D efforts, this rugby player and accomplished musician was with Phéromone since 2008, having previously worked at Bluesponge and at Sid Lee.

Roula Issa


Roula Issa was trained in business administration-accounting with a specialization in Canadian and international finance, and has been with Phéromone since 2009. Working her way from accountant to finance director, Roula now serves as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Studio Qi, which was created by Phéromone in 2014. Roula is the epitome of a curious, thorough and tenacious individual; what’s more, she fully understands the unique needs of creative businesses and start-ups. Roula brings not only a great strength of character to our team, but also has nearly 10 years of experience and previously worked at the law firm Charland & Séguin.

Valentin Backofen


Valentin Backofen is a creative technologist who knows how to quickly identify opportunities and catalyze the creativity and energy of those around him. He is also an inspiring leader whose career has followed a somewhat unusual route: His fascination with the history of the Web and its practices has taken him from Germany to Norway to Canada. With Phéromone since 2011 as head of technology, Valentin has had front-row seats in designing the social sports strategy game Virtual Leagues of Hockey (VLH). He also assisted in the birth of Studio Qi before taking the reins as president in 2015. Valentin is fluent in four languages, understands seven and brings more than 15 years of experience to the table. He previously worked with Inpix, Marketel and Ogilvy Montréal.


We work as peers, with small teams and little hierarchy, making us agile and efficient. Our team is experienced and truly collaborative.



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